Root Canal Treatments in Carson, California

Aside from being painful, an infection in the pulp of your tooth can spread to the rest of your smile and even beyond, causing problems for not just your oral health but also your general wellbeing. If you experience a toothache or even just tooth sensitivity, call Carson Dental at 310-835-5550. Our dentist, Dr. Mina Abraham, can see you for a root canal treatment in Carson, California. We also offer root canal retreatments if one of your teeth has had a root canal treatment in the past but you are experiencing pain or swelling in that area again.

Root canal treatment, often referred to as just a root canal, is a kind of endodontic therapy, often recommended if a tooth’s pulp and nerves are infected or damaged. This infection can occur if an injury or severe decay passes the outer layer of enamel and reaches deep into the tooth. If left untreated, the tooth could die from disease and necessitate a tooth extraction. To restore the tooth’s health and avoid an extraction, our skilled dentist will remove the decayed and infected tissues from within the tooth, clean the tooth and fill it with a medicated material. We will then cap the tooth with a restoration, such as a dental crown so the tooth looks and feels like a natural tooth. In many cases, root canal treatments can be completed in one or two comfortable appointments.

Root canal treatment has received a reputation as a painful treatment, but thanks to advanced technology, techniques and anesthesia, this procedure can often be completed with minimal discomfort. Our dentist and entire team will make your comfort a priority and make sure you have a pleasant experience during your visit. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about root canal therapy. We are ready to help restore your oral health!

Root canal therapy is generally highly successful in treating infected or damaged teeth but occasionally there are cases when initial treatment may not have restored the tooth completely and the tooth may become infected and painful again. This can happen when the tooth does not heal properly or if a new infection develops in the root of the tooth due to complications with the tooth anatomy or if the restoration is not placed immediately following treatment. If your tooth is infected again, our dentist may recommend root canal retreatment.

Root canal retreatment, or endodontic retreatment, is very similar to your initial root canal treatment. During this procedure, our dentist, will reopen the infected tooth and remove the filling placed during the first treatment. We will examine the tooth and pay particular attention to new infection or additional canals not initially treated. The infected tooth tissue is then removed, the root canals are cleaned and shaped and the new filling material is placed. Finally, we will seal the tooth with a temporary filling before placing a new crown to restore and protect the tooth.

Contact our office to learn more about root canal therapy and root canal retreatment and to schedule an appointment. Need immediate care? Our emergency dentist in Carson can help.