Procera Crowns in Carson, CA

Same-Day Crown Delivery

One of the most versatile treatments that we offer at Carson Dental is the dental crown. We are providers for Procera dental crowns in Carson, California, which are among the strongest crowns available. If you would like to meet with our dentist to see how a Procera crown can enhance your smile, call 310-835-5550. A member of our team will schedule a visit with Dr. Mina Abraham.

Our dentist can use a crown for many things. A crown can protect a tooth that is severely damaged or has recently had an endodontic treatment. If a tooth has a great deal of filling material, a crown can be used to help hold it together. In cases of tooth discoloration that cannot be remedied with traditional teeth whitening treatments, a crown can be an effective alternative. Crowns are also used to anchor dental bridges in place.

We offer Procera crowns, which are made entirely of porcelain ceramic. These crowns have two distinct advantages. First, they look very natural and are more attractive than traditional crowns. Second, they are extremely durable and can even be used to treat problems with molars and premolars. Procera crowns are also biocompatible, and because no metal is used, tooth sensitivity to heat and cold will not be a problem. Their design also permits the regrowth of gum tissue. If you would like to explore this treatment option, please call our office for an appointment with our dentist.