Tooth Hemisection

Although advances in endodontics have made the treatment largely obsolete, our dentist and team can see you for a tooth hemisection in Carson, California. If you are struggling with a severely damaged or infected tooth, this treatment may be for you. For more information and to plan your appointment with Dr. Mina Abraham, call Carson Dental at 310-835-5550 today.

Essentially, a tooth hemisection involves removing half of a damaged tooth. When might you need to see our dentist for a tooth hemisection? First, you need to know that treatment is usually reserved for lower molars, and our dentist will let you know if it can be used on other teeth, if necessary. It can be used as part of an endodontic or periodontic treatment. You may need a hemisection for an unsuccessful root canal, a severe tooth fracture or bone loss surrounding a single tooth.

Our dentist will use a local anesthetic to insure that you remain comfortable during your visit. Our dentist will access the tooth through an incision in your gums to see if any of the roots can be saved. We will then remove the problem area of the tooth and close the incision. A dental crown will be placed to protect the tooth and restore its appearance and function. Call for your appointment today, and our dentist will be happy to see you for an examination to help you decide if this treatment is right for your smile.